Detect beyond the eye.


  • FTIR Remote Chemical Detectors

  • Eye-safe Diode-pumped Solid-state Lasers

  • World-class Laser Rangefinders

With expertise in in-house production and an extensive team of highly qualified engineers, MOORI Technologies is proud to offer cutting-edge technology for your next civillian, military, or large-scale industrial projects.

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Our values and goals

About us

Moori Technologies tries to excel technologically and tries to be independant. We will do our best for the technological excellence and for the steadfast independance not to be shaken by any troubles against our goals.

sign Park Dohyun, Ph.D. Founder & CEO

Export Countries

47 +

Team Members

110 +

PhD, MSc Team

110 +



Our Products



High power, microchip type, 20 Hz, 200 μJ microchip DPSSL


Compact 1 Hz, 1.8 mJ DPSSL


High repetition, microchip type 1 kHz, 20 μJ DPSSL with transmit optics


High repetition, high power, 15 Hz, 8 mJ DPSSL


Long range single acquisition laser rangefinder


Medium range fast-acquisition laser rangefinder

Our Partners

Let us work with you.

Got a specific application?

MOORI has extensive experience in tailoring any variety of its products on offer to meet your specific needs. Whether you require customised dimensions, operational parameters, or even the colour to be changed, we will work with you closely to meet your highest standards.

  • Physical Customisation

    MOORI offers flexible customisation of the physical package of its products including dimension, material, and colour, so that the process of developing a drop-in replacement for your proprietary system is as seamless as possible.

  • Production Capacity

    With multiple parallel production lines and a 1000-grade clean room backed by ISO certified quality assurance measures, MOORI can become a reliable partner whether your project calls for a few modules, or many thousands a year.

  • Research Partnerships

    Is your project so bleeding-edge that a suitable component doesn't exist off the shelf? MOORI has worked with dozens of parnters to develop lasers the world had never seen. Help us help you bring your project to reality.